11 Signs You are Driving Him Away

Date:20-06-2013 14:40:09 read:16

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Have you ever wondered what you are doing wrong in a relationship and what is driving your partner away from you? There are some things that almost all women do and almost all men hate! Here is a list of signs that tell if you are driving your man away.

1. You are too clingy

Men don’t appreciate it when you get too clingy with them, especially in public.

2. You text him all the time

Space is something that men value more than anything else in a relationship. If you text him every hour, it will surely irritate him. Don’t text him too much, definitely not all the time.

3. You often take control

If you often try to take control of the relationship and be the one to make all the decisions, then perhaps you should learn to live by yourself. Your man certainly doesn’t appreciate it and even if he doesn’t stay away, soon he’ll run away from you.

4. You try to change him

If you try to change the man and make him someone you want him to be, he will run as fast as he can.

5. You try to mother him

Men act like kids all the time. Trying to mother them, however, can do more harm than good. Leave them and they will be fine.

6. You act suspicious all the time

If you question him about every phone call and every text, you will only annoy him. If you act too insecure, he will think that you don’t trust him.

7. You beat around the bush

If you want something, then just say it. Or if you didn’t like something, tell him. Men hate it when women play guessing games with them. If you are doing the same, you may have to lose your man.

8. You talk to him about other men

You might be trying to make him jealous, instead you are making him insecure. Try and avoid talking about other men as far as possible.

9. You act like a drama queen

Being a little dramatic here and there is fine but being a drama queen all the time is going to scare the guy away. He will not know how to deal with it and leave you.

10. You compete with him financially

Men don’t appreciate it when women compare their finances with theirs, especially when they have no such intentions of doing so.

11. You keep on over-analyzing

Women have a tendency of over-analyzing what a man said. But that’s exactly what keeps your man away from you. Take it on face value and forget about it. Easy.

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