3 Ways to Prevent Your Fears from Affecting Your Love Life

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Genuine love is perhaps the most precious things to receive in life. While every man and woman falls in love at least once in their lifetime, not all are blessed with the happiness and warmth real love exudes. There could be several factors that attribute to ruining a relationship and fear is one of the most important reasons that can turn detrimental to your love life. But there are numerous types of fears that can engulf an individual. Read further to know those that can turn disastrous in a relationship.

1. Fear of commitment

Some people easily fall in love and also make great lovers but when it comes to settling down, they become commitment shy. Fear of commitment usually stems from the fear of losing independence or having to get confined in responsibilities. The way a relationship proceeds is dependent upon the partner you get and the manner in which you lead life. Therefore, a good understanding of what is required from the two partners in a relationship and performing your duties to the best of your abilities is important. When you realize this truth, marriage need not be a confinement.

2. Fear of losing

Many people approach a relationship using very careful steps so that they only think and act of pleasing the partner they are in love with. While this could be a healthy sign at times, going overboard may be fatal. In this case, there can be two scenarios. Either you try to overpower and insist your partner spends all of his or her time with you or you turn meek and develop an inferiority complex. In the first case, you make your partner claustrophobic so he wants to break free and in the second case, you become a doormat and do all that you are asked to do; much like a dancing doll. Both are extreme cases that are harmful to your love life. Such individuals are required to devote time to other things in life and not just focus their energies to their respective partners.

3. Fear of sex

Physical relationship is an important component of a love life. However, many lovers, especially the fairer sex may experience problems when it comes to indulging in the act. Pain is often cited as the number one reason contributing to the problem. Consulting a physician or talking to your partner can eventually become a solution to this psychological stigma.

Fears are of different kinds. While some do not cause any impact, some others have the power to decline your love life and also other relationships. When such fears are not overcome, you do not just hold the potential of losing your love life but also cause irreparable damage to your personality.

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