20 Great Reasons to have Sex Everyday

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Lives today are stressful and distracted. We don’t have time for recreation. Due to this factor only our health is diminishing at a very fast and constant rate. The growing number of heart diseases and other stress related diseases are an indication that we are neglecting our lives and health. The answer to this problem is having regular sex. Yes, you read it right. Sex can help us in dealing with all these problems. There are some great reasons to have sex everyday. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Works as a stress reliever

Sex is a stress reliever, it helps the mind to de-stress itself. This is because while having sex, the mind and body produce dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin which act as great stress hormones.

2. Is a great form of exercise

Sex proves to be a great form of exercise. With only having 15 minutes of intercourse every week, you can burn 7500 calories in a year. In addition, testosterone produced in men while having sex keeps their body and muscles strong.

3. Controls high blood pressure

Sex helps in reducing diastolic blood pressure, that is the lower reading when the blood pressure is recorded. Various researchers have concluded that sex is a major factor in controlling high blood pressure.

4. Enhances immunity

When the frequency of sex increases the antigen Immunoglobulin A which fights with flu increases. It grows your immunity against cold, sniffles and other health problems.

5. Makes you look younger

Having sex three times a week will help you look at least 10 years younger.

6. Makes your heart healthy

Sex helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases in men and it burns calories to keep your heart free from strokes and heart attacks.

7. Relieves pain

Sex is a pleasure giving practice which gives you relief from the pain and migraines. .

8. Helps in building trust and intimacy

The hormone oxytocin is responsible for happiness and love. This hormone is secreted in abundance in your body when you make love to your spouse. As a result, it helps you and your partner come closer and build an intimate relation.

9. Reduce the chances of cancer

Sex majorly reduces the chances of getting prostate cancer. Studies reveal that regular ejaculation reduces the chances of having prostate cancer.

10. Protects the prostate gland
Mostly fluids ejaculated are secreted from the prostate gland. If men don’t ejaculate on a regular basis, it stays in the gland which then results in swelling of the gland and gives rise to many problems. Hence, regular sex helps to protect the well-being of the prostrate gland.

11. Induces sleep

Sex works a lot like a workout. Sex relaxes you and if you are already tired, it will induce you to sleep. When men ejaculate, they become lethargic and it also makes them sleepy.

12. Regularizes menstrual cycle

Sex regularizes your menstrual cycle. Sex regulates the hormone which controls menstrual cycle. It also reduces stress which is a major reason responsible for missed periods in women.

13. Prevents erectile dysfunction

Sex helps to prevent erectile dysfunction and impotency. Regular erection keeps the blood flowing in the penile arteries and it helps keep them healthy.

14. Increases years in your life

A healthy heart, strong muscles, a sound sleep every day, increased circulation of oxygen and other health benefits of working out adds years to your life.

15. Makes pelvic muscles stronger

Sexual intercourse is a kind of a workout that targets on your quads, core, upper back and pelvic muscles. It strengthens these muscles.

16. Promotes a healthier semen

Regular intercourse helps in cleaning the dead sperms from the testicles. It also fosters the growth of new and healthy sperms. This makes your semen healthy.

17. Improves blood circulation

During the intercourse, the heart rate increases and it leads to a better flow of blood in your body. When the used blood is replaced, it also expels toxins.

18. Promotes healthy skin

An action in bed is equivalent to work. Thus it makes you sweat more and also secrete natural oils like linoleic acid which moisturizes the skin.

19. Increases comfort

A regular physical contact with your partner helps you to get over those fears which make you uncomfortable in the bed with your partner.

20. Helps you stay connected with your spouse

Having sex regularly helps you stay connected mentally and physically with your spouse. It will spice up your love life.

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