7 Ways to Keep Him in Love With You Always

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Relationships go sour when partners start taking things for granted. Stale relationships hurtle eventually towards ruin, breaking apart due to accumulated bitterness and mutual disrespect. It is therefore important to keep the spice alive in a relationship. Come to think of it, it isn’t that hard either. Here are some ways for you to keep him in love with you always.

1. Give him his space

Men are not gazelles exactly, but they still love their space. Men fall out of love with women or start avoiding them when they realize she asks for too much of his space. Men like breathing free and it is important that you understand his need for liberty. A man who feels free will always find ways to love you back and reward you for that freedom. Don’t force him to do things that you know, he doesn’t enjoy, except in rare situations.

2. Express your love as often as possible

Irrespective of their cool demeanors, most men are insecure. They have a special need to hear you say it. So, express your love at every single occasion possible. Sometimes it could be as simple as saying, ‘I love you’. It could make a huge difference in your relationship and his trust will be reinforced each time. After a while, he will feel secure enough in your presence.

3. Never shy away from PDA

A little bit of PDA isn’t so bad. There are times when a mere touch can spark overwhelming emotions, especially when you are going through a rough phase or have had a nasty argument. Therefore, take your chance whenever you feel like holding his hands or giving him a warm embrace. A kiss can fix more issues than you could ever imagine, especially with a sulking silent guy.

4. Make a genuine effort to understand him

This is quite important in most relationships and is especially critical in case of men who have grown up feeling misunderstood or are slightly less confident about others’ attitude towards them. Show him that you really want to understand him and read his thoughts. You have to show him that his fears are as much yours as they are his. The same holds true for his dreams and his memories. It could mean taking a lot of excessive baggage but sometimes it helps him unburden them. Men always respond beautifully to women who love sharing their baggage and seem to understand his need to talk about them. It is a clash of two worlds at times and you have to show that you want to understand his inner world at all costs before sharing your life with him.

5. Be forthright

A lot of women end up pushing their men to the edge by expecting them to understand. But, this is over-complicating the matter. If you want your guy to always stay in love with you, be different. Be forthright. Men love frankness and more often than not, they are wired well enough to handle it. After all, most guy friends are extremely frank with each other, almost to the point of embarrassing each other. So, make it easy for him. You will reap rich dividends because when men are not worried about what you are thinking, they will start worrying about how to surprise you pleasantly. It is a very healthy alternative.

6. Compliment him

Men have huge egos. There is nothing women cannot make them do by paying a rich compliment. However, to earn his trust and respect learn the art of giving him honest compliments. After all, he has some good in him, to have made you fall in love. Even if you feel you have given away all the compliments that you thought he deserved, repeat them. There is no harm in it. Keep reminding him why you feel in love with him. It is a good way of making sure he keeps those things about him unchanged. That works out well for you too, isn’t it?

7. Befriend his close ones

Every guy, whether he is an introvert or an extrovert, has a close group of people he really cares about. Don’t introduce friction into your relationship by hating them or avoiding them. It is easier to accept them for what they are, considering that the guy you love loves them. The guy will not only reward you with more love, he will also feel complete for the acceptance you have given to his near and dear ones.

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