04-04-2014 07:20:11

5 Ways to Feel Happy for No Reason

High paying job, a great partner, good food – – well, there are ample of reasons to be happy. But are these material comforts forever? For being really happy, you need to feel good from within and it on...
24-02-2014 08:13:28

5 Ways to Fight Sadness in Life

Depression or sadness is one of the major problems in the world today. It can strike anyone at any point of time, and can have a serious effect on the physical and mental health of a person. It can even lead ...
15-02-2014 08:20:20

6 Ways to Keep Faith in God During Tough Times

Tough times come in everybody’s life. It is an inherent part of living life and cannot just be done away with. What can be done is make oneself able to deal with an adverse situation by keeping faith in and t...
14-02-2014 08:20:20

9 Ways to Think Positively in the Worst of Times

Stumbling along the road of life is inevitable. Whether you let those hurdles take you down with them or whether you’ll overcome them, is completely upon you. Choice and rationality are the best gifts o...
11-02-2014 08:20:19

6 Tips on How to Stop Worrying

Worrying about a problem never eradicates it. In fact, the more you worry about something, the more insurmountable the issue begins to appear. But if you gave it a thought, worry stems from fear of the unknow...
07-02-2014 08:20:35

6 Reasons You must Respect Yourself

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Gautama Buddha Respect yourself and the world will respect you. People will only respect you for what you are and not what you have. S...
05-02-2014 08:20:20

5 Ways to Use Positive Thinking in Love

Thinking positively and having positive thoughts in life can be a great boon for you in this stressful life. Positive thought help keep out the negativity in life and makes you much more relaxed and happy in ...
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