09-04-2013 19:23:40

6 Health Benefits of Whole Milk

Photo Courtesy: Stefan Kühn A lot of people drink whole milk. They also eat full-fat yogurt instead of the yogurt made from skimmed milk. People consume full fat dairy products because they taste be...
09-04-2013 19:23:37

7 Best Diets to Lose Weight

PhotoCourtesy: tpsdave Women are forever going on diets and breaking them; in fact promising to go on a diet is the most popular New Year resolution in the world. Going on a diet is easy but maintain...
09-04-2013 19:23:34

7 Most Healthy Foods From Around the World

Photo Courtesy: PublicDomainPictures If you are bored of your native country’s foods which you stick to in order to maintain your health and fitness, then worry not, for this list here gives y...
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