20-07-2013 08:50:07

Try This Delicious Weight-Loss Trick

Take your pick. Zesty dish = slimmer waist? Adding herbs and spices to a reduced-fat meal can make it just as appetizing as the real thing, says a new study from the University of Colorado. People ate ...
16-07-2013 08:50:04

Clean Up Your Diet—Today!

Cut the gut. The US has lost its title: Mexico is now the world’s fattest nation, according to a new United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization report. After collecting data from across the globe...
12-07-2013 08:50:11

The Mind Trick That Makes Food Sweeter

You've come with the right tools. Talk about cunning cutlery: Eating with fancy silverware might make dessert taste more delicious than if you use a plastic fork, according to new research from the...
06-07-2013 08:50:04

Kill Cravings with Video Games!

Trust in Tetris. Is that bag of Lay’s calling your name? Lay off—and turn to microchips instead. Playing online games can help you resist junk food, suggests new research from the Netherlands. St...
03-07-2013 08:50:04

How To Eat 63 Percent Fewer Calories

Spoiler alert: They're the same size. Don’t be fooled by the label: People eat more of a meal if they think it’s a small serving, regardless of its actual size, finds a new study from Cornell ...
23-06-2013 08:50:06

The Best Weight-Loss Goal

Aim low. Re-think your weight-loss goal. People were more likely to pursue goals if they aimed to lose a range of weight (three to five pounds) versus a single number (five pounds), according to a new s...
27-05-2013 08:50:08

How ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Making You Fat

Damn you, HBO. Blame Jaime Lannister for your gut. Watching TV shows with gripping storylines can cause you to overeat, finds new research from the University of North Carolina. While simpler shows lik...
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