11-04-2013 21:16:18

6 Famous Museums to Visit in America

As much as America is famous for its sightseeing destinations, it is also famous for its prestigious museums. Here are a few museums across the country that you must see, whether you are a tourist or a residen...
11-04-2013 21:16:15

8 Things to Do to Pass Time in an Airplane

Photo Courtesy: frontriver Flights seem all exciting until the time when the plane is actually up in the air and you think, what now? Long flights especially, which can be 10, 14 or even a day long ...
11-04-2013 21:16:10

7 Things to Do to Pass Time in a Car

Photo Courtesy: ERiC.CHU Long road trips are a lot of fun especially when you’re with your gang. However such car journeys can also have gaps of boredom when one doesn’t know what to do ...
11-04-2013 21:16:05

7 Things to Do to Pass Time in a Train Journey

Photo Courtesy: jam_232 Long journeys, by any mode of transportation be it cars, flights or trains, tend to get boring after the initial excitement gets over. If you take cues from this list, you w...
11-04-2013 21:15:57

7 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Photo Courtesy: PublicDomainPictures Many people see holidays as an opportunity to take a break from their diet and fitness regiments thinking that without home food or visits to the gym, they canno...
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