11-04-2013 21:15:29

11 Beach Accessories That Make You Look Sexy busywear Whether you are going to the beach with friends or savoring cocktails at a poolside party, here’s how you can add style, oomph and sexiness to your look with 11 beach accessori...
11-04-2013 21:15:25

8 Steps to Organize Your Purse

Photo Courtesy: danielle_blue Do you often have trouble finding something in your purse? If yes, then you are one of those women who don’t have well organized purses. Usually, some small items find...
11-04-2013 21:15:22

7 Underrated Accessories Which can be Used More Often

Photo Courtesy sk_vel It’s not only important to dress well, nowadays, a woman needs to have her accessories in place as well to be termed as stylish and chic. Accessories such as handbags, fa...
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