11-04-2013 20:37:26

6 Unusual Makeup Styles for the Edgy Girl

Photo Courtesy: Vincent Boiteau Makeup changes a woman’s look quiet drastically, more often than not, for the better. However, those who have been applying makeup since ages and are bored of ...
11-04-2013 20:37:22

6 Tips to Keep in Mind While Using a Concealer

Photo Courtesy: Idhren The concealer is a very important makeup item that enhances the whole look of the face. It’s apt for those who have slight marks, dark circles, spots and freckles. True ...
11-04-2013 20:37:18

9 Makeup Tips for a Night Out flaivoloka Some nights are special! Sometimes a woman wants to look stunning for someone special. This special person can be your best friend, your boyfriend or your husband. The reasons for...
11-04-2013 20:37:15

10 Ways to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Photo Courtesy: Prerana Jangam Makeup can do wonders! It can conceal your skin’s flaws and can enhance your best features. Keeping your skin protected is as important as looking great with all that ...
11-04-2013 20:37:12

5 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid

Photo Courtesy: Idhren Makeup when applied properly enhances your natural beauty by concealing the blemishes and irregularities on your face. A right foundation is vital for a perfect make up as an...
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