27-10-2013 08:50:27

Can Bacon Really Hurt Your Sperm?

Luckily, you don't have to choose between bacon or babies. When news hit last week that eating bacon may be bad for your sperm, we were bummed. (After all, Men’s Health editors love bacon.) B...
26-10-2013 07:50:22

Halloween Could Leave You Blind!

Skip the zombie getup this year. Sorry to ruin your girlfriend’s sexy cat costume: Non-prescription contact lenses can permanently damage your vision—or leave you blind, warns the American Academy of O...
25-10-2013 07:50:22

The Surprising Reason to Get a Flu Shot

Your heart will thank you! Fight more than influenza: Flu shots can lower your risk for other health problems, says new research from the University of Toronto. In the study, people with a history of ti...
24-10-2013 07:50:31

De-Clutter Your Brain!

Just doing some Fall cleaning! The Sandman is also a garbage man: Sleep helps your brain clean itself of waste that accumulates while you’re awake, according to a new study from the University of Roche...
24-10-2013 07:50:22

Does Your Doctor Play by the Rules?

She goes by the book. Is your doc playing fair? Female physicians are more likely to successfully follow clinical guidelines—instructions on how to treat medical conditions—than their male counterparts,...
18-10-2013 07:50:18

The Diet That Keeps Your Brain Buzzing

Get your Bugs Bunny on. Colorful foods could keep your mind sharp. In a new French study, people who ate a diet rich in orange and green produce experienced less cognitive decline over 13 years than th...
17-10-2013 07:50:29

Are You Sleeping Too Much?

Forget the snooze button. Don’t snooze until you lose. Too much sleep may harm your health, says new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the study, sleepers who logge...
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