5 Ways to Build An Effective Schedule to Help You Manage Your Time

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Time management is perhaps the most common complaint that people in almost every sphere of life make. Politicians blame the lack of time for many problems, celebrities complain about it, management experts always talk about it, and even ordinary folks moan the lack of time on many occasions.

There are many ways to manage time effectively. You may find a number of such tips. The problem with most of these tips is that these are a bit general in nature. That is, what works for a particular person may not work for another. So, it’s up to individuals to chart a proper schedule for themselves. The following tips are just some basic guidelines that would help you to make an effective schedule for managing your time.

1. Know Your Time

The first thing you must do is to understand how much time you have. Everybody needs some time to sleep and some time to relax. You have only the balance time to manage. You need to fit in all your activities within this available time.

2. Make a Working Schedule

Make a schedule that takes into account your daily habits. Some people require eight hours of sleep. Some others require only four hours. It varies from person to person. Similarly, some people require two hours’ workout in the gym, while some others prefer to stay out of the gym. It’s not a good idea to overhaul your routine just to free up some time. You may not be able to sustain it.

3. Prioritize Tasks

Some tasks will be more urgent, some others will be less so. Prioritizing your tasks is a great way to manage time. Mobile phones, laptops, and other portable devices help in keeping tab with the priority tasks at hand.

4. Focus on What You Do, Avoid Multitasking

This is commonly referred to as the age of multitasking. However, many studies have established that multitasking actually reduces productivity. Commonsense also suggests that focusing solely on a particular task helps you finish the task faster.

5. Stick to the Schedule, Steer Clear of Distractions

It’s one thing making an effective schedule, and it’s an entirely different thing sticking to it. There will be many distractions. You have to be highly disciplined to make things work according to the schedule. If you can keep following the schedule for a month, half the battle is won.

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