7 Signs He is Marriage Material

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There are time when you are dating the perfect guy but you are not sure how good a husband he would make. We give you some of the signs to help you figure out if your boyfriend is marriage material or not.

1. He is financially stable

If a guy is financially stable, it says volumes about his priorities in life. It also shows that he is ready to have another person be a part of his life. Also, it is a proof that he is a responsible individual who knows the importance of money in one’s life.

2. He is fond of kids

When you look at a guy with the intention of marrying him, it is essential to know if he will be good with kids. You can judge this by observing the way he is around kids. Does he get irritated easily? Or is he able to interact with the kids in a calm manner? This will give you an idea about how good a father he will be.

3. He isn’t scared of making a commitment

One of the most desirable qualities in a man you wish to marry is knowing that he will not be afraid of making a long-term commitment with you. Most guys are commitment phobic and cringe at the idea of marrying their girlfriends.

4. He has good family values

A man who has been brought up on good family values will make for a great husband because he will value his family immensely. He will also be able to pass on these important value onto his kids. He would be open to spending time with the kids. More importantly, he will be very respectful of your parents.

5. He cares for those who are important to you

If you are dating a guy who is good to those who are close to you and gives them a lot of respect, then he is likely to make a good husband. How he behaves with others is reflective of his own character. If he cares for people who mean a lot to you then it also shows that he cares for you deeply.

6. He is dependable

If you are really lucky then you will be able to find a guy that you can totally depend upon. He will never make you wait for him and will do whatever you ask him to do without any reminders. Such a guy will make for a good husband because he is responsible and knows how to keep his word.

7. He is mature

Most men want to live like bachelors, irrespective of the fact that they are married or not. If you find a guy who has moved away from his life as a bachelor and is comfortable leading the life of a mature adult, then you know he is a keeper.

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