4 Reasons to Shun Sugar to Get Lovely Skin

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Everyone wants to look good and for long. You must understand that skin is not just a layer of cells on your body but also an important organ. Whatever goes inside your body shows on your skin. This puts the focus on your eating habits. You need to be cautious of what you eat so as to prevent your skin from getting damaged. One such ingredient that is to be taken into account is sugar. It is an essential ingredient for the growth of your body but when taken out of proportion, it can cause troubles for the skin. Listed here are some reasons why it is a good idea to limit your sugar intake.

1. Sugar leads to aging

Aging is inevitable but the pace of the process can be slowed down by avoiding extra sugar or food that has excess sugar in it. You could go for an apple when hungry instead of two cookies. This is because when sugar goes into your body, the molecules combine with the protein present inside and make strong structures on the skin that could take the form of wrinkles or spots. A balanced intake would just let the sugar molecules do their work and give energy without affecting the skin.

2. Sugar can cause acne

Excess sugar, when taken in any form, keeps the levels of insulin high in the body which cause a disturbance in the hormones of the body, thereby leading to oily skin. This closes the pores and skin cells build up to form acne. People who eat less or moderate sugar would not have problems like acne and thus have a spotless facial skin.

3. Sugar can cause inflammation and sagginess

Eating too much sugar causes the blood sugar to rise and this causes inflammation in the veins of the body. It could cause the skin to get brittle and itchy. Also, when the veins get back in shape, the skin in that part of the body gets saggy. So, avoid the extra pastries, cookies or foods that contain sugar. While buying from a grocery store, make it a point to read the ingredients. Many things other than bakery items contain sugar. Find out what is best for you and stay healthy.

4. Excessive sugar intake could lead to an addiction

Eating large quantities of sugar increases its addiction, thereby causing further damage like skin darkening. It also makes the skin hard and makes it lose its elasticity. This in turn makes you look older than you actually are. It has been observed that people who consume less sugar look younger than those who consume excessive sugar.

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