6 Benefits of Yogurt For Hair

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Yogurt has always been recommended by those who advocate a healthy lifestyle starting with a healthy balanced diet. There are many ways in which yogurt helps your hair.

1. Strengthens hair

Yogurt adds a lot to your plate in terms of nutrients. It is rich in minerals like potassium and calcium. It also provides other nutrients like proteins and vitamin B. One of the most important ingredients in yogurt is natural milk protein which is quite good for hair. While the protein is good for hair strengthening, the lactic acid assists blood circulation which in turn encourages hair growth.

2. Nourishes hair

Yogurt nourishes the hair and encourages growth. It also enhances the shine of the hair. Moreover, yogurt is a natural way of dealing with bad hair. One can absolutely be sure that there are no chemicals for a change that can harm your hair. Hair therapy shampoos and lotions could only introduce more chemicals for your hair to tackle with, something that wouldn’t happen with yogurt. You can get rid of the frizz by applying yogurt from time to time.

3. Conditions hair

Yogurt helps in conditioning hair, making them more beautiful, gentle and vibrant. Yogurt softens hair greatly helping you avoid tangles and knots that could be caused due to the use of shampoos that sometimes dry the hair. While doing so, yogurt also helps in cleansing, making sure that hair is free of dust and dandruff. In fact, yogurt helps to avoid dandruff and prevents the itchy feeling on the scalp caused by sweatiness and dandruff. You can blend it in a cup converting it into a paste and coat your hair, wrap in a towel and wash it after about 20 minutes. Another way yogurt is used is by mixing 4 tablespoons of yogurt with an egg, and then applying it on the hair for 10 minutes, finally rinsing them off. Yogurt is also used along with cocoa, honey and olive oil for similar conditioning benefits.

4. Deals with frizzy hair and split ends

Yogurt is quite helpful against split ends largely because of the nourishment it provides. Mixing yogurt with mashed papaya to get a smooth consistency and then applying to the hair can help avoid split ends in the long run.

5. Fights dandruff

There are many different kinds of pastes that have yogurt and are effective against dandruff and itchy scalps. Yogurt and lemon juice is a good combination that can be applied to the hair to get rid of dandruff. A mix of black pepper powder and curd, rubbed on the scalp is also helpful against dandruff. Yogurt can also be used along with fenugreek seeds soaked overnight. This can be used to get rid of dandruff. You have to pay attention to the time for which you leave the paste on your hair. Also it is important to whisk or blend the mixture well for a consistency that makes it a rich paste.

6. Adds to the luster and growth of hair

There are many ways in which yogurt helps the body. That is because it contains different types of elements such as Zinc, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. Friendly bacteria deposits and lactic acid also make yogurt extremely beneficial. Yogurt is mixed with several different kinds of ingredients for different effects. It is mixed with honey, egg, orange juice or lemon juice for maximum benefits. Massaging the hair with yogurt by adding other ingredients or even otherwise can give you long-lasting benefits which include cleansing, hair growth, smoothening and adding luster, benefits that a lot of chemical products promise but do not offer without damaging the hair in any way. Yogurt is also part of a good diet, and hence helps to make you internally stronger, that is important for your hair and your skin.

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