15 Things We Can Only Learn From Our Brother

Date:04-07-2013 10:20:04 read:11

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If you have a brother, you are lucky to have someone who truly belongs to you. You may seem to be perpetual enemies but there are times when his presence makes you feel safe and secure. In fact, growing up with a brother, no matter whether he is born before or after you, is in itself an experience to cherish. Here are a few things that you can learn only from your brother.

1. Right from the beginning, you learn to share. (Although most often, you are forced to do so!)

2. You learn to adjust and eventually ‘get along’, even if you are sometimes pissed off even at the very thought of having him under the same roof.

3. You learn that to forgive is not just divine but rewarding as well. (Even if it is true that having a brother means you wake up by having water thrown onto your face and get your hair pulled quite often, here is someone who could beat the crap out of your boyfriend if he is being mean to you.)

4. You master the art of negotiation

5. You become an expert in tidying up even the messiest of rooms, especially if you are sharing the same room with your brother.

6. You gain the confidence to tackle even the most adverse situations, having successfully made your way out when your brother got you squeezed between the bed and the wall.

7. You learn not to be afraid to say ‘NO’ bold and loud.

8. You realize that people can have the weirdest of ideas.

9. You learn that you are not supposed to use something without its owner’s permission.

10.You learn that you should not try to tag along unless you are invited.

11. You eventually get truly skilled in problem resolution. (Actually you learn to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions!)

12. You learn that in order to get respect, you need to give respect first.

13. You learn not to poke your nose unnecessarily into other people’s business and also realize that if you do so, your privacy too may be invaded.

14. You learn to sense trouble well in advance. (You know from experience that it is not advisable to take the last biscuit because if you do so, he is sure to make you squeal.)

15. You become really good in patching up even after the fiercest of fights.

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