6 Good Reasons for Leaving Your Job

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Your job is nothing but your second home. After all, that’s the place you spend more number of hours, rack your brains, get involved with coworkers and produce a spectacular output. However, the opposite is possible too, and that’s the time when you feel you’ve had enough of your current job. Here we give you 7 reason to leave a job.

1. Excess Pressure

Though a little pressure is paramount to an excellently working company, too much of it can backfire and cause immense stress among employees. So if you can relate excess target demands or little free time with your company, then it’s time to pack your stuff very soon.

2. Errant Boss

It can be agonizing if a dominating boss keeps standing on your head for trivial issues. In such a case, each project seems extremely difficult to complete and inaccessible. If this is precisely what you experience, then it’s surely time to pack your bags.

3. Bullying coworkers

If you are constantly a target of wrath, jokes, mockery and many more by a group of bullies in office, you must try your best to leave the place unless you are an expert tackler of such situations.

4. Lack of obligatory policies

Every organization is bound to give its employees certain concessions in terms of leaves, monetary benefits and so on. If you see that your company has been consistently denying you such rights, you’d surely be better off at a place where such policies are harnessed diligently.

5. Long time to commute

Though expecting your workplace to be next door is unrealistic, it must at least be within certain limits. Longer duration of travel make you feel sick once you reach office, thereby affecting your overall work routine. If you do not find yourself hale and hearty as you reach your office, then your instinct is surely asking for a breath of fresh air.

6. More stress

Your stress doubles up as the time to reach office gets near. Work ought to be place you love. But unfortunately, if going to work makes you feel sick, then there’s no more assurance required that the job is indeed not right for you.

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