7 Signs You Are Giving too Much in Your Relationship

Date:04-07-2013 14:40:04 read:11

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A relationship is one where both the involved parties contribute, love, care and make it flourish equally. It is only when the balance drifts on any side do problems tend to occur. Do you think you’re giving too much in your relationship? Then check out these signs and find out yourself.

1. You are always kept waiting by your better half

Be it a simple outing, in the garden, a dinner party or anything, your partner always keeps you waiting. Such behavior means just one thing that your lover doesn’t care and respect your time. Except when it’s a one time story, you need to seriously address the issue if it happens recurrently.

2. Your partner never voluntarily suggests an outing or evening

The relationship never looks fulfilling, if it’s only one person making all the plans. If you or your partner are playing this kind of a single role, then it’s probably time to reconsider the relationship.

3. Your partner takes you for granted

Since your partner never cares for your time or yourself, he tends to take you for granted. Situations like coming in hours late and not apologizing are just some instances of this kind of behavior. If it happens again and again, then there’s no doubt that you are investing more in the relationship.

4. You have no life outside your relationship

This is one of the major signs showing that you are giving too much in your relationship. We all have a social life constituting friends, colleagues, parents, kids and everyone else. However, when your life becomes restricted to just phone calls and meetings with your partner, you need to take a reality check.

5. You are obsessed with your partner

If every night you sit and obsess about the moments spent with your partner , you surely will drive your partner away as no one likes to be surrounded 24/7.

6. You call him incessantly

To fuel your obsession, you keep on calling the person and trying to be in touch at all times. In a relationship, if you are a relentless pursuer than you are no less than a stalker in your partner’s life.

7. You support your partner by all means

Though there is nothing wrong in supporting your boyfriend, it is only when you go overboard that people tend to make mistakes. The same could be true with your partner also. The more you hold on to him, the more he will try to escape.

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