15 Things We Can Only Learn From Our Sister

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She has seen you go through the best and worst phases of your life, and still stands by your side. Although she may be the reason why you often wished you were an only child, looking back, you realize life would not have been the same without her. Listed here a few things you can only learn from your sister.

1. You learn that love and hatred are just two sides of the same coin and that you can really love and hate the same person. You love your sister so much and at the same time badly want to wring her neck.

2. You get to watch and learn what growing up actually means from close quarters, even before getting a real taste of it!

3. You learn that jealousy can also mean admiration. In the long run, you realize you were not actually mad at her, but just proud of her.

4. You learn that people can be so honest in their thoughts. Here is one person who simply does not choose her words carefully while pointing out your mistakes. You can surely find a mirror in her.

5. You learn that sharing actually doubles your joy.

6. You learn what exactly unconditional love means. You love your sister for who she is.

7. You learn to see the best in another person.

8. You learn that you are actually so forgiving. She tests your patience sorely to such an extent that at the end of it all you are surprised at your level of toleration.

9. You learn that you would go to the ends of the earth for another person, that too with a smile on your face.

10. You learn to get along with someone who can drive you nuts.

11. You learn to negotiate better for what exactly you need, while respecting other people’s perspective.

12. You become an expert in the art of making up after a fight.

13. You learn that you have a shoulder to lean on, even when times are bad. That is exactly what all those “don’t tell Mom, but . . .” conversations were all about.

14. You learn that it is simply not possible to bury your past wrongs. She often goes down the memory lane (sometimes to its farthest point!) and brings up those past fights in which she believes you are guilty.

15. Over the years, you learn how to play deaf to unsolicited advice on fashion, makeup, hairstyle and what not?

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