3 Signs People are Using You at Work

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Of course, not all jobs are meant to last for all time. But, you are indeed lucky if you really think that this one is the perfect job for you. Even if you happen to be a rookie or a veteran, are you really being used at work? True, there is nothing more boring than being underutilized, but if they tend to overuse your skills, you are sure to be exhausted and drained out. Here a few signs to check whether you are being truly used at work. It is indeed great if you are eager to throw yourself into work every morning.

1. Being asked to contribute positively

If you are asked to identify the ongoing projects into which you could contribute positively, then it is a sure attempt to bring out the best in you. From your end, you should make sure that you identify the projects that you would be interested in and express your willingness to assist the project leaders. This is a golden chance to shape your particular role at the workplace.

2. Being given added responsibilities

Take it as a positive sign that your work has been acknowledged and your skills are being put to effective use, if you are given any additional responsibilities. You do not have to wait for any project leader to invite you to join the project. You can always lend a helping hand, provided you would come across as a supportive employee and not as a poacher.

3. Doing what you really love to do

If you are assigned with the same task for which you have been hired for, then it is a sure sign that your skills are being properly used for the benefit of the employer. Instead, if you have been hired for one particular work and if you are stuck with other pending administrative tasks, it is high time you talked to your boss about it. Make clear that you would like to take up more responsibilities. However, ensure that you would not be sorry in the future for complaining about being underutilized.

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