6 Bad Reasons For Leaving Your Job

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Nobody wants to fall into the vicious cycle of job hopping. So if you are presently not happy with the job and considering a new job offer, just brush through these points to see if the reasons why you are leaving your current job is justified or not.

1. You don’t like the boss

This can be a very lame excuse to give while thinking of leaving a job. Though a good relationship with the boss is a must, you can still maintain a professional relationship and move ahead the ladder.

2. You don’t like your coworkers

Remember, you are not joining office to make friends. You are there to shape your career and get ahead in life. As long as it is not work related, simply turn a deaf ear to any comments made by fellow workers.

3. You don’t like the ambiance

There are many who dream of working in a lovely ambiance. Though that is not wrong, making it one of your essential priorities for getting in to a job will surely land your nowhere.

4. You feel ignored

Nobody will ignore you if you do your job correctly. Stop unnecessary comparisons, feel good about yourself and continue with your work.

5. You are very sensitive

Occasional pranks, arguments and silly fights are commonplace at a workplace. If you get overtly disappointed and disregarded due to other’s views, then you are not yet ready for a workplace scenario.

6. You are bored of minor assignments

In the job market, you have to go step by step with your assignments. Only after working on different assignments and going from low priority to high priority projects will you land your dream role. Success and hurry never go hand in hand. If you believe in this notion, then you probably would think twice before leaving the job.

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