5 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

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Emotional eating refers to eating without realizing that you are actually doing so. You might be so happy or so sad or you might be so angry at someone, that you unconsciously let these emotions take control of your mind and body. Eating, which should be a voluntary activity of the body, in turn, becomes involuntary and the subsequent hazards are huge. Indulging in emotional eating once in a while is fine but letting that turn into a habit is certainly dangerous. Here are a few tips to stop emotional eating.

1. Identify the emotion

Ask yourself what exactly rules your mind when you feel the urge to open the cookie jar. If you are really hungry, just go ahead. If not, take out your hand. In that case, you can try satiating your taste buds with sugarless gum.

2. Think of alternatives

Surely, there are many other alternatives to celebrate your success. Why do you end up treating yourself to a double fudge sundae when dancing around with friends can also be fun? The same rule applies to your sad moments. When you feel low, instead of going towards the jar of cookies, call a friend and share your problems.

3. Control your emotions

If you are angry, why not jot down a few lines about the person whom you are mad at. You can try meditation to give a positive vent to your emotions. Why, even screaming out aloud into your pillow is far better than emotional eating. If you are sad, try talking about it all to a close friend or relative whom you trust. Make sure that you get relieved of your emotional stress in the healthiest possible manner.

4. Track your food habits

The easiest way to keep a close track of your eating habits is to keep a separate book to write down what triggered the emotional eating session and how you got over it. This will eventually help you catch yourself red handed next time you open the cookie jar and do something else instead.

5. Do not let it go on

Even if you cannot resist the temptation and decided to yield, make sure that you do not choose to go on eating for more than five minutes at a stretch.

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