Are You Ruining Your Coworker’s Lunch?

Date:10-07-2013 07:50:04 read:2

The taste of injustice.

That’s sickening! Watching a colleague being treated unfairly can make food taste bad, reveals bizarre new research from the University of British Columbia.

In the study, people’s senses of taste and smell intensified by 10 percent after witnessing coworkers being disrespected. As a result, the participants reported feeling 40 percent more physically disgusted when sampling foods.

Why? When you observe morally unfair behavior directed at someone, the same sensory warning system that evolved to keep you away from dangerous physical threats—like rotten meat—switches on, says study coauthor Daniel P. Skarlicki, Ph.D. The result: Seeing disgusting behavior leaves you feeling both offended and physically sick, suggests the research findings.

Is this is a strange study? Yes. But it serves as a good a reminder of how others perceive your behavior. After all, we’ve all heard the phrase, “That guy makes me sick!” And no one wants to be “that guy.” To make sure you aren’t, steer clear of the 10 things that drive your coworkers nuts.

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