5 Safety Tips for Hitchhiking

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Hitchhiking is one of the cheapest ways to travel and can prove extremely beneficial. And who says hitchhiking is just for guys? As a woman, the only thing that you need to be extra-careful about is your security. We give you some of the safety tips that you should keep in mind while you hitchhike.

1. Road safety

Before you start asking for lifts, there are some things that you should be careful about. Ensure that you wear decent and comfortable clothes so that the driver doesn’t get the wrong idea. Also, try wearing bright colored clothes, especially if you are looking for a lift on highways. This will ensure that you are easily visible. Needless to say, you must have a cardboard sign that clearly mentions where you want to go. It is also advisable that you hitchhike in pairs so that you have someone for company in case of any emergency.

2. Precautions while taking a lift

The most important thing to know in terms of safety when you are hitchhiking is what to keep in mind when taking a lift. It is advisable that you look for rides at petrol stations and not the roadside. The reason behind this is that you will get more time to interact with the driver and it will help you to understand whether he/she is a safe bet or not. Another very important thing to keep in mind is to trust your instincts. If at any moment you feel doubtful about the driver’s character, turn down the offer instantly. Also, opt for a car that does not have more than one male member. Finally, look confident and make proper eye-contact so that the driver knows that you are a tough girl.

3. Safety tips for when you are in the car

You can never be too sure about the driver’s intentions when you are hitchhiking. Once you decide on which driver to take the lift from, make sure you write down the vehicle’s registration number. If that is not possible, then at least make a note of the vehicle’s model, color, etc. It would also be good if you call up a friend while you are in the car and tell them about the car details. This way the driver will know that there is someone out there who knows which car you are in and where you are headed. Moreover, sit in the front of the vehicle so that you can keep an eye on your driver’s actions. You can also keep pepper spray or foam for additional security. If at any moment you find the driver taking a detour, seek an explanation for the action and if you are not convinced, ditch the ride.

4. Safety tips for your valuables

It is extremely important that you keep your most valuable items safe. It is a good idea to keep things like your wallet, passport, mobile phone, etc. on your body. Also, when you are sitting in the car, keep your backpack on your lap instead of putting it at the back of the car. This will help if you need to leave the car in a hurry.

5. Familiarize yourself with the place

When you decide to hitchhike it is extremely crucial for your own safety that you know about the chosen destination. We aware of all the rules and laws. It is vital that you learn the lingo as well. Another thing to know is the right gesture that is used to stop a car. Remember that a thumbs-up sign may not work in all parts of the world. There are also a few places where hitchhiking is not legal. Research well before you leave your house.

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