8 Souvenirs You Must Get from Rome

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So you are off to Rome and you wonder what exactly you can bring back for family friends. It’s easy to carry the splendor of Rome back home with these wonderful souvenirs.

1. Rosary blessed by the Pope

A rosary blessed by the Pope is something you must get home from Rome. If you are a Catholic, there is no end to the ‘papal-blessed’ items that you can buy from specialty shops out there. Even if you are not a Catholic, you sure would have a Catholic friend who would treasure one such gift.

2. Chef aprons

You can try bringing in the magic of Italian cuisine to your kitchen by buying those wonderful chef aprons. You can choose to become the Gladiator or even Michelangelo’s David, depending on your taste! This is your way of reliving the superb taste of those rich Italian wines and pastas that you had while in Rome.

3. Wall plaques

Those uniquely crafted design plaques are suited both for indoors and outdoors. Available in clay and wood, each one is a masterpiece that can boast of meticulous perfection even to the minutest details.

4. Videos

You can buy a couple of DVDs that will take you to a virtual tour of the entire country. Once back at home, what better way to freshen up your Italian memories than leaning back in your armchair and watching the video? Better yet, give your friends a feel of Rome and the country.

5. 3-D refrigerator magnets

The wonderful Italian magnets, that simply light up the entire kitchen, is an ideal gift both to your friends and their kids. You can choose from a wide variety of magnets brilliantly painted with Tower of Pisa, gondolas, spaghetti and what not?

6. Terracotta figures

You can take back a Roman treasure for your home garden from the open-air terracotta shops. Your friends and relatives back home are sure to adore those decorative porcelain tableware and figurines.

7. Pasta spice pack

Who knows, you too might be able to recreate the yummy pasta magic back home with those special package of pasta spices. Bring home the true taste of those delightful Italian pastas for your family and friends back home.

8. Wine

And of course, as you have been to one of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions in the world, what better gift to bring back home than a bottle of wine, especially when you can get hold of it at a very reasonable price?

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