6 Surprising Uses for Sugar

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Sugar is a dynamic ingredient. Not only is it essential in most cuisines of the word, but it also has many other multipurpose household uses. Read on to know about a few surprising uses of sugar.

1. Make it a body scrub

Instead of buying a body scrub with sugar flavor, why not use a body scrub made of real sugar? To exfoliate and cleanse your skin with the goodness of sugar, take one cup of sugar and add a few drops of oil. You can use olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or vegetable oil as a binding agent for the mixture. Stir the mixture as it becomes a thick paste but don’t let the sugar granules melt completely. The coarse texture of the scrub will help in removing dirt from your skin. One cupful of sugar may last you for one shower. You can also add aroma oils to the sugar mixture for extra fragrance.

2. Let your lip color last longer

Instead of falling for cosmetics that claim to lengthen the life of your lipstick, use sugar. After applying lip color on your lips, dab some sugar granules. Allow the sugar granules to sit on your lips for a while on your lips. Lightly wipe away the sugar with a tissue or gently lick them away after some time. This trick is known to prolong the life of the lipstick and reduce the number of times you need to touch up your lip color.

3. Preserve food with sugar

One of sugar’s remarkable uses is that it can help in storing and preserving foods by controlling the growth of micro organisms. If you want to store homemade cakes or cookies for a longer time, dust them with fine sugar. You can also place sugar cubes in tins and containers of cheese or biscuits to keep them long lasting. Moisture tends to spoil foods quickly and sugar is known to absorb excess moisture.

4. Remove grass stains from your clothes

Grass stains on clothes can be difficult to remove even after putting them in the washing machine. Take two cupfuls of sugar and boil it with water to make a sticky sugary solution. Apply this solution on the stain, leave it for half an hour and wash it off. You can also try using a sugar and water solution for other stains.

5. Make a sugar based insect trap

Getting rid of insects like wasps and flies can be made easy without spraying smelly insect repellents in your house. Boil sugar and water to make a solution and store it in an open container. Place this container in a corner of your house which is prone to insects. The next day you will see insects trapped in the solution as they get attracted by the sweetness and fragrance of sugar. The insects will get stuck in the sticky texture of the mixture. In the case of cockroaches, you can mix sugar and baking soda and sprinkle them in areas where you find these insects.

6. Light a quick fire

You might have faced an embarrassing situation of being on a campsite and not being able to light a campfire easily. Sometimes, wood can be difficult to burn if it is slightly wet or has traces of moisture. To save yourself from such embarrassment, add a handful of sugar on wood that you are trying to burn. The fuel will catch fire faster and chances are, that it may burn for a longer period of time.

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