5 Reasons Why It is Fun to Travel With Kids

Date:11-07-2013 11:40:05 read:3

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Most parents with kids would almost give anything to have a weekend getaway without their kids. They seek solitude, privacy, and a chance at rekindling the romance between them. Well, it may not be such a bad idea to take your kids along when you travel. We give you some of the reasons why traveling with your kids is a good idea.

1. Quality time for bonding

In our busy lives, we rarely get a chance to give our kids that undivided attention that they crave for. When you are traveling with them, all through the journey you can get a chance to bond with them. You will get to learn more about your child and he/she will see a different side of you. You will long for such conversations once your kids are all grown up and want to explore the world either on their own or with their friends.

2. A chance to bridge the generation gap

Children often feel that their parents don’t “get them” and parents feel the same way about their children. When you travel with your kids to new places, both you and your children will get a chance to bridge this generation gap. You get to make new and wonderful memories together and show each other the mutual respect and love. This could go a long way in strengthening your relationship with your child and the bond could stay for life.

3. Immense learning for your child

Traveling abroad with your kids especially when they are young, can be a source of great learning for them. They will be exposed to new cultures, languages, lifestyles, cuisines, etc. Such learning will stay with them forever and help them grow in life. They will also learn to be respectful of those who are different from them. Exposing your children to such new lands will also build curiosity and wonder in them. They will have a better imagination and will thank you for the experience.

4. You can be a child again

If you spend more time in the company of your kids, then you also will be transported back to your childhood. You will be tickling each other, running after each other, going on silly rides and doing things that your “adult” life does not normally let you do. Such an experience could really prove refreshing for you and will relieve you from stress.

5. Life is short

Many of us forget that life is short. There is so much that can be achieved while we are still on this earth. Do not put off “making time” for your kids with the thought that you will always have time. Your kids might move away, you might get a new job that eats into your time, and even unforeseen circumstances may pop up. Make the most of your time while you still have it. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a weekend alone with your husband, it just means that you should enjoy some holiday fun with your kids as well!

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