7 Souvenirs You Must Get from London

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Take back home with you a brilliant piece of London City. In a place like London, full of high-quality boutiques, peculiar markets and trendy shops, you are sure to find ideal souvenirs and gifts for your friends and relatives back home. Buying a souvenir from London need not be an expensive affair after all. You might find an ideal gift in those thrift shops that sell second-hand goods. Anything and everything you want, right from elegant 1940s gowns to cool disco wears, are made available in those trendy second-hand stalls as well. Here is a list of London souvenirs you should pick up!

1. Alice in Wonderland items

Which kid will not love to own a piece from the famed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-themed collection? There are a few really curious shops in London that sell Victorian hats and even those early editions of Alice’s adventure stories.

2. Beatles memorabilia

If you happen to be a fan of the Fab Four, you will surely get excited even at the mention of the original sixties memorabilia that you can buy from London. There are exclusive stores that sell all Beatles related stuff such as mugs, posters and what not.

3. Unique housewares

You can buy housewares from young designers near Portobello Green Arcade Market. The city seems the ideal place to buy items to beautify your house. You can go for a print of the classic London view or other simpler housewares.

4. Shipping supplies

What better gift for a marine enthusiast than yacht chandlers or real ship bells! If you love seas, make sure you get one of those shipping supplies to take back home with you.

5. Hand-crafted umbrellas

Hand-crafted umbrellas and walking sticks from the good old James Smith & Sons is always a treasured gift.

6. Antique goodies

You can visit London’s indoor markets which are literally a treasure trove of antique items and even vintage clothes. Get for your friends and family some of those 20th century design pieces at a relatively low price.

7. Tea towels with vintage prints

Buy a few dozen tea towels with those unique London designs like Big Ben or other iconic English buildings. Pretty cute and quirky, you have a large variety of designs to choose from.

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