5 Reasons Unpaid Internships are Unfair

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Are you an intern? Are you unpaid? Think it over. Do you think it is fair enough for you? Though an internship does not mean you will be guaranteed a job later, is it fair that you get nothing during that entire period? Not everyone hails from wealthy families and we all need money for survival. There are many negative things that unpaid internships bring along with them. Here are some reasons that unpaid internships are unfair.

1. They are barriers

One of the greatest barriers that unpaid internships put forth is for students who are not economically well to do. They have to bear the high lodging and boarding prices to continue their internship. On the other hand, students coming from rich or well to do families are not worried about paying any bills and they can continue their internships well.

2. Exploitation of students

It is found that many companies employ college students and wrongly classify them as interns. This gets their work done and they don’t have to pay anything. Many students get into this kind of a trap as they are completely focused on resume building, work experience, and are unfortunately unable to find better options.

3. Inappropriate purpose

An internship is supposed to give educational value to the intern. This is what he/she is here for. At times, this does not happen. Instead, the company gets a lot of work done by the intern where there is no learning happening. The purpose is thus defeated. A company is supposed to give so much experience to the student that he/she does not have to pay extra fees to the university to get credits.

4. Loss of time

In internships related to research or dissertations, students sometimes lose a lot of time. Companies locate certain areas of concern where research work is required and then allocate it to a student who needs an internship in such an area. This student not only loses on his/her studies but also on time. An unpaid internship makes him/her to do lot of work and spend less time on studies. The company in turn gets an employee for free.

5. Stressed mind and body

‘Unpaid” is the word that is the culprit here. It not only wears you down financially but also brings stress to your mind and body. A student has to pay not only his/her tuition fees, transit fare, lunch and dinner but also allocate time for an internship. Where is the life that a 16 year old (a little less or more) must enjoy? All the stress leads to an emotional and physical imbalance.

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