10 Reasons Why You Should Not Kiss and Tell

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Kesha has sung the perfect song on how you should not kiss and tell. Heard it? Maybe you should. People who kiss and tell are braggers, and do not realize that it is not a very respectful thing to do. Here are a few reasons why you should not kiss and tell ever.

1. It is a secret between two people

When you get involved with someone, there are always two people in the picture – you, and the person you are involved with. This means that it is for the both of you to decide whether you want to tell people about your relationship and involvement or not. You are not the only person responsible for making decisions; leaking out information can be wrong. Often, by sharing these kinds of things, you put the other person in an embarrassing spot.

2. It might harm you when the news spreads

These kinds of things raise questions about your character. People, whom you tell your experiences about, may seem harmless and trustworthy in the beginning. But these can be the same people who will go around telling everyone about it, and put you in a context that you could have never thought of. You may think that you are telling something to your close friends, but they too will feel the urge to tell their very close friends, and soon this whole thing will get blown out of proportion. Also, every time a person passes on the information to another person, it becomes a different version of what you had originally said. Finally, what remains is an exaggerated, untrue, spiced up version of the story, putting you in a bad light.

3. The goodness of the memory gets killed

A physical encounter can be really memorable. And it should remain so, by all means. By discussing it with various people, we, in some way corrupt the whole moment and belittle it. Some feelings are best when they are not described in words. These are innocent memories that should always be in your head and heart. You will only spoil them by talking about them.

4. Friends can sometimes stress you out

Friends have a tendency to over-think things. They deconstruct everything, and will get after your life to define things and answer where everything is going. Such questions can lead to you taking hasty decisions; and relationships take time to grow. So you should not feel pressurized by other people when it comes to your life and your relationships. And the best way to avoid such stress is to keep things to yourself.

5. The moment should be left as it is

Maybe, a small intimate experience with the guy is all you are ever going to have with that person. In such a case, talking about it will only bring embarrassment to you. You should remember that moment as something pleasurable, and leave it at that. Talking about it will complicate things for you and the person you are involved with. Also, if it reaches many people, you will in some way become answerable to them. And nobody likes to be in a situation like that.

6. Why would you want to brag?

People, who kiss and tell, are often perceived as braggers. Why exactly would you want to discuss something so personal? The temptation to tell things can be really high, but sometimes you need to control yourself for your own sake. You wouldn’t want to become a person who nobody takes seriously, right? In order to maintain the image of a person who does not brag about relationships and is mature enough, you should not kiss and tell.

7. People will judge you

No matter how open-minded you think your friends are, they will judge you in so many ways. When you kiss and tell, you often describe graphic details that should just remain with you. These kinds of details make your friends imagine other things. They then pass judgments at every stage; and nobody likes being judged. People don’t take sexual descriptions very well. They may show curiosity and ask for details, but you will never know what they feel about you in their heads.

8. To avoid conflict with friends who love to say, ”I told you so”

A lot of friends love to say, “I told you so”, when things fall apart. When taking a chance in a relationship, there is a possibility for you to get hurt. It is a risk that most of us take. It is already hurtful when the relationship does not turn out to be the way you want it to be, and on top of that, your nagging friends singing they told you so can be an added pressure. That feeling is extremely frustrating, and the only way you can avoid that is by not revealing too many details about your life to everyone.

9. You may lose the chance at a serious relationship

Sometimes, a sexual encounter can lead to a relationship, which is both serious and beautiful. However, by talking about it, the seriousness may never come into play, as the other person might not appreciate you leaking the details before things become official. This way, you may lose the chance of getting into a relationship with that person.

10. It makes a memorable experience vulgar

Graphic descriptions can border on vulgarity. You need to avoid making a memorable experience only a symbol of two people at their sexual heights. You need to realize that these kinds of things can be emotional – if not for you, then maybe they hold an emotional value for the other person. So you should not kill the essence of it and make it seem vulgar with the act of kiss and tell.

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