13 Strangest Town Names in the World

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There are many towns in the world which have been given strange and funny names. It makes you wonder how they got these strange names in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest names of towns in the world.

1. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

This town is located in Sierra County of New Mexico, USA. It is popularly known as T or C. This spa town was originally called Hot Springs, but changed its name to T or C by winning an honor of a radio show. The host of a radio show called Truth or Consequences announced that the show would be aired from the town which adapted the show’s name for itself.

2. Gogogogo, Madagascar

Gogogogo is a town located in the southwest of Madagascar. It is a commune which is a part of the Atsimo-Andrefana region in Madagascar. This town is very sparsely populated and most inhabitants follow occupations related to farming and livestock. It is definitely one of the strangest names on this list.

3. Police, Poland

Located in northwest Poland in the West Pomerania Province, Police is said to have received its name from the Polish word- pole, meaning field. The Oder River flows through this picturesque Polish town which is also home to many post World War II Gothic and neo-Gothic monuments.

4. Gore, New Zealand

Gore is a town located in the famous tourist destination of South Island in New Zealand. Nothing related to Al Gore or gory horror movies is responsible for the name of this town. Gore is a traditional Maori town which has also been nicknamed the Chicago of the South. In 1885, this town was officially constituted as a borough. A borough commonly refers to a self governing township.

5. Wagga Wagga, Australia

Located on the Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga is an important city in New South Wales, Australia. It is the state’s largest inland city and is located between Sydney and Melbourne. Wagga Wagga also holds significance because it is one of the transport and agricultural hubs of Australia. In aboriginal language of the Wiradjuri people, the word wagga is known to mean crow or to dance. Interestingly, this strangely named town was one of the contenders for being named the capital city of Australia after the nation’s freedom.

6. Tubbercurry, Ireland

Also called Tobercurry, this town is located on the foothills of the Ox Mountains in County Sligo in Ireland. The strange name of this town is derived from the Irish phrase Tobar an Choire which translates to ‘well of the corrie.’ Tubbercurry is the second largest town in County Sligo and houses a large Polish population. It is one of the few towns in Ireland to have been given the prestigious Fair Trade status.

7. Worms, Germany

Worms is located at an hour’s drive from Frankfurt on the Rhine in Germany. The name of this town is derived from the Celtic word- Borbetomagus, meaning settlement in a watery area. It was established by the Celtic people and is one of the contenders of being titled the oldest city in Germany. Worms is a member of a group called Most Ancient European Towns Network.

8. Titisee, Germany

Titisee is a town located on the lake with the same name in the southern Black Forest in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. The lake and the town received their name form the Roman Emperor Titus. Despite having a strange name, Titisee is a picturesque place.

9. Bigadic, Turkey

Located in the Marmara region in Turkey, Bigadic is known to have been named so after a Roman general. It is also said that the town’s older name was Didi-Moti-He which means the twin of the goddess of luck. Other legends say that Bigadic in Turkish means bull and the name of the town translates as bull meadow. Bigadic has the largest reserves of the chemical Boron in the whole world.

10. Boody, Illinois

Boody is located 8 miles southwest of Decatur in Illinois. Decatur is the largest city of Macon County. Not much is known about the origins of this town’s strange name. Boody is a thinly populated town.

11. Spuzzum, British Columbia

Spuzzum is located on the Trans-Canada highway in British Columbia. It is a desolate town which is approximately 30 miles north of the town called Hope. Ironically, Spuzzum is often called beyond hope. This town was popularized by the band Six Cylinder in the 1980s as the name was used in their lyrics of their song. The name of this town is said to have been derived from a native Indian word meaning little flat. Spuzzum has often been referred to in popular culture because of its extremely small size.

12. Halfway, Oregon

The town of Halfway has a very interesting history as to how it got its name. Funnily, it was named after a post office which was located exactly halfway between Pine and Cornucopia in Oregon. Halfway is located in Baker County. In 1999, the town was given another strange name, for a year. This renaming was done as a publicity gimmick of which is a subsidiary of Ebay. This was in exchange for 20 computers for a school along with a few financial subsidies.

13. Willacoochee, Georgia

This town is located in Atkinson County on the Alapaha River in Georgia. There are no myths or legends as to how this town got its name. But Willacoochee has been referenced in many movies including The Steve Harvey Show, Renaissance Man, Jungle Fever and Beauty Shop.

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