6 Healthy Side Dishes

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Ever wondered if you could feast on dollops of those delicious spreads without gaining extra pounds of weight? Well here’s an idea – eat healthy and stay fit as you relish on scrumptious side dishes, without compromising on the slurp factor. If you are looking for healthy dishes or spreads that make a great combination with your meals, then here are a few of them. Not only do these satisfy your taste-buds but also keep a check on the fat elements.

1. Peanut Butter

Fondly known as the dieter’s best friend, peanut butter offers a combination of fiber (0.07 oz) and protein (0.3 oz) per serving. This fortunate combination keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. Hence, you eat lesser! With magnesium for bone-building and potassium for the muscles in each serving, peanut butter makes a power packed combo with your toasts and munchies. Other than containing Vitamin B6 and antioxidant Vitamin E in every serving, peanut butter is also known to reduce risks of heart diseases and diabetes as well. Use it in your sauces, lunches or eat it straight off the spoon, and relish on a healthy and filling meal.

2. Ricotta Dip

Ricotta is a softer and smoother version of cottage cheese. Containing just 2 percent fat, ricotta can be a sinful substitute for other fatty spreads and dips. Ricotta creates a smooth and tangy magic when blended with a few cloves of garlic, pepper, salt, lemon zest and cilantro leaves. A nice full spoon of ricotta on a scone or toast, topped with a dollop of jam or honey can take you to an unexplored delicious world, keeping the levels of fats and calories right where they need to be. Let the Ricotta cilantro dip give company to a few nachos, to have a splendid teatime snack with your diet-conscious girl gang.

3. Hummus

Replace your daily full fat breakfast bread spread with the highly nutritious low fat hummus, and gain the benefit of staying in shape. With chickpeas, garlic, tahini, salt and lemon juice being its ingredients, Hummus is a Middle Eastern staple for snacks. The content of protein, fiber, unsaturated fat, complex carbs and iron in hummus is considerably high, making it ample and rich in nutrition. Also, with a low saturated fat benefit i.e. 0.1 oz in every serving, this gives you the freedom to indulge in its smooth consistency as much as you wish to. Dip in generously into the hummus with pita chips, crackers or vegetables and start your day with a healthy punch. Hummus is a great side dish to any meal and can also be had with your lunch and dinner.

4. Cottage cheese spread/dip

Combined with a few terrific ingredients, cottage cheese spread/ dip can be the healthiest indulgence that any diet conscious person would want to dive into. Being low on calories and high on protein content, cottage cheese blesses your body with a sumptuous amount of nutrients like calcium, iron and Vitamin A. Using just 1 percent or 2 percent of milk fat, cottage cheese keeps a check on your cholesterol and fat levels, thus making it convenient for you to ease the weight-loss process. Twist and turn a few nuts with a luscious amount of cottage cheese to have a tasty meal accompaniment. You can also use it as a nutrition topping for mashed potatoes.

5. Almond Butter

This is a combination of crushed almonds with an occasional seasoning of salt. High in nutrient value, this spread is healthy and filling. With 0.2 oz of protein, 0.1 oz of fiber, 34 percent of the daily value of Vitamin E, 30 percent of manganese and 20 percent of magnesium in every ounce, the almond butter leaves no stone unturned in terms of nutrition. With reduced low-density lipoprotein minimizing the risk of heart diseases, the unsaturated fats take care of the health aspects being in place. Spread it on to some toasts or breads for breakfast or snacks, and tease your taste buds with some creamy yet healthy creations. Almond butter can also be used in pastas, pesto sauce and in smoothies too!

6. Low fat cheese spread

Joy knows no bounds when you allow yourself to feast on a cube of luscious cheese. But this can seem sinful yet irresistible when you want to keep a check on your diet. Here’s a splendid way of putting all the dribs and drabs of cheese in the refrigerator to good use. Toss them all together with a splash of wine and a few cloves of garlic in a food processor, and you get the best cheese spread you would have ever tasted in life. Also being high on proteins, cheeses offer a superb nutritional value. Use this cheese creation as a breakfast spread, mix them with nachos and serve them for tea, or just add some of it to your bowl of pasta or risotto.

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