7 Signs You are On the Verge of Falling for a Guy

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Sometimes people fall in love without having any intentions to do so. Cupid can shoot an arrow at teenagers and even people who are older than 80 years of age. ‘Love’ simply enters people’s hearts quietly and makes them feel week in the knees. Some people can easily realize and accept if they are in love. Whereas, some are wrapped up in mere curiosity. Here are some subtle signs which will let you know that you are on the verge of falling for someone.

1. You are confused about your relationship status

If you feel confused about your relationship status and answer by saying, “I think I am single” or “It’s complicated” you might be on the verge of falling for the guy. Your hesitation indicates that you are uncertain about your current relationship status and where you two stand.

2. You stare into each other’s eyes all the time

Gawking is one of the biggest signs in such a case. Staring or making eyes with someone who is just a friend or who is not your partner indicates that you have fallen for this person. Looking at people around is absolutely harmless but there is a big difference between gazing into someone’s eyes and simply checking him out for three seconds. Gazing can also be the indication of infatuation or deep romantic feelings.

3. You share your thoughts and secrets

This is actually a two-way process. If you and this guy share dark secrets, desires and dreams with each other then this is a green flag. Sometimes you feel like discussing such issues with a person which have never been discussed before. You won’t discuss these issues with the closest of your girlfriends but you will discuss them with this guy.

4. You share physical contact

Even the minimal physical touch gives a lot of happiness and pleasure to people who think romantically about each other. Brushing against each other’s hands can be exciting. This is a very innocent sign of you being on the verge of falling for a guy. So, if you allow him to brush away the hair from your face or to wipe something off your cheek then this is a clear and positive indication. Next time notice if you like his touch and if you do then you have fallen for him.

5. You have sudden mood swings

If you are happy one minute and suddenly sad the next, it might be because of a guy in your life. If you are grumpy and absent-minded all the time or if you are displaying any other drastic change in your behavior then you have fallen for him. In such cases, a guy becomes your emotional crutch and the reason for your happiness.

6. You pay attention to your appearance

Drastic changes in appearance and regular shopping sprees indicate that you are about to get into a love relationship with this guy. It you splurge in areas you didn’t before or if you work very hard to look great around him then this is a clear indication of your feelings for him. People do these things to impress the ones they have a crush on. You might do some of these things to show him your best side and to ensure that you become simply irresistible for him.

7. You make major changes in your lifestyle

Some women only get off their couch for work and friends. If such women suddenly become the life of the party, then they might have feelings for a man in their life. If you are changing your outlook on life and if you are trying to go out more because you think it’s something he would appreciate, then you are definitely falling for him.

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