5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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We must try to make our mothers feel special throughout the year and show our love and affection. What a mother does for you is insurmountable; you will never be able to repay her. But since we aren’t able to express our gratitude always we have dedicated a special day for mothers. Here are 5 great gifting ideas for the kids on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

1. Prepare a surprise meal

Surprise your mother with a special breakfast prepared by you. You can prepare different types of sandwiches and also show your creativity with shapes and the filling; you could get cupcakes and decorate it with different flavors of icing. Eggs are a great idea too. When your mother wakes up she will be thrilled to see the preparations. Don’t forget freshly squeezed orange juice and a lily!

2. Plan a movie for her

Get your mother’s favorite movie, ask your dad to order her favorite food from outside, prepare a nice setup and make it a relaxing evening for her. Let it be one day where she doesn’t have to cook and she can enjoy good quality time with the family.

3. Time to clean up!

More than anything your mother would be really happy to see you do the things she always has to nag you about. Clean your room and study area, organize your books keep everything in order. If you can, clear out the mess in other areas of the house too. Your mother will be more than happy.

4. Create a collage for her

Make a handmade collage with photos of your mother and other family members; use your creative skills to make it look even better with paper cutouts, colors, glitter and any other medium. Get it laminated or framed and present it to her on Mother’s Day. She would love to cherish these memories.

5. Take her for shopping

You could ask your father to loosen his purse strings a little and you could take her to a mall or a shopping center. Take her to a perfume shop or buy her a nice top and well fitting pair of jeans. Then, you could end the day by taking her to her favorite restaurant; order a dessert to die for to end your meal on a sweet note.

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