4 Reasons Why You Should Thank God for Making You a Woman

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4 Reasons Why You Should Thank God for Making You a Woman

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On a normal day, you don’t pause and wonder why you were created the way you are. What would have happened if you were not a woman? Of course, there are many plus points to it but imagine the things you would miss out on. Here are 4 of the many reasons why you should thank God for making you a woman.

1. Women are the heart of all things

Being a woman is nothing less than a blessing. God created women, who are born with the art of multitasking. Women can do a great number of things together and that too with perfection. There are housewives who leave all their dreams and put their heart, soul, love and affection in handling their home and family. A working woman takes care of her home, family and also struggles to give financial support from her side. A woman never complains about her duties, and she does everything with a smile on her face.

2. Women embrace motherhood

A woman is blessed with motherhood; only a woman gets to experience the various feelings of the entire process of child birth. Woman is the one who keeps the baby in her womb for nine months and experiences the growth of her baby inside her and feels its presence; it’s a feeling that cannot be expressed by words and only the mother can feel that. Every woman thanks God for making her a woman because of this beautiful experience called motherhood.

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