Quaglino's hides £2,000 pearl in oyster

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Quaglino's hides £2,000 pearl in oyster

Recalling a fairytale evening with Barbara Cartland in the 1930s, the Mayfair restaurant is hiding a pearl worth £2,000 in an oyster for one lucky diner to find during August.

The South Sea Ronirose pearl hidden in a Quaglino's oyster 

“One night in Quaglino’s, I found a small but real pearl in an oyster”.

This is not a line from one of Barbara Cartland's romance novels, but was in fact the prolific author remembering one particularly romantic night at the restaurant in the 1930s.

Now, to celebrate the launch of their underground pop-up cocktail and jazz bar, The Hutch Club (named after Leslie ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, one of the most popular cabaret entertainers of the twentieth century) diners at Quaglino's restaurant are being offered the chance to find their own gem, a 14.2mm South Sea Ronirose cream pearl (gem quality AAA), worth £2,000, that will be hidden inside one of the restaurant's West Mersea Rock Oysters (£2.25 each).

The stunt is designed to remind visitors of Quaglino's glamorous past, and to honour the high society crowds who have flocked there since its opening in 1929.

The newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II dined at Quaglino's in 1956 – the first reigning monarch ever to eat in a public restaurant.

The valuable pearl is one of a collection that is sourced in the Philippines. Ronirose Pearl jewellery is then designed in Milan and hand crafted by skilled Filipino and Italian artisans.

Company founder Germme Ronirose describes how the Badjao men, an indigenous group from southeast Asia, “would dive in the deep seas to procure natural South Sea pearls, as what could only be described as real proof of love to his woman”.

The Hutch Club is open until August 31 2013 at Quaglino’s, 16 Bury Street, London, SW1Y 6AJ

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