7 Exciting Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day

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International Friendship Day is just round the corner. Have you made your plan yet? How are you going to celebrate the day with your friends? If you are still wondering, then we will give you some fun ways to make the day special. Continue reading to know more.

1. Organize a trek trip

Do something different to make the day memorable. Organize a trekking trip with your friends. Go out with them for a day picnic. Plan everything in advance and invite them. It would be a good idea to celebrate the day with your special friends.

2. Sleepover party

Arrange for a sleepover party at your place. Invite them a night before to celebrate the day with fun and music. Watch a movie with them or dance all night. This night will surely be cherished in your heart forever. The idea is to spend some good time with your friends on the occasion of Friendship Day. Surprise your bestie and she would love your gesture.

3. Plan a gift

The best way to celebrate the day is by putting together a gift. Make a bracelet or a band using your creativity. Your friend will be more then surprised looking at your gift. A gift made with love is always treasured in life. Your best friend would get all excited. Make a music CD for your friend if she is fond of music. Compile all her favorite tracks and gift it to her.

4. Beach trip

If you want a relaxed day, then plan a beach trip with your friends. You and your friends can have beach fun by playing water sports or beach volleyball. Make the day more special by organizing a beach party. Celebrate the day with fun and style.

5. Go for events

There are many special events which are organized on the occasion of International Friendship Day. Know about those events and invite your friends along. A music concert or a food festival could be a great idea to spend your day with your friends.

6. Thoughtful things

Make use of social networking websites to show your love. Post a Friendship Day video on your friend’s Facebook wall. Or else, make a collage of pictures and post it in your Instagram account. Write a sweet message and post it on your Twitter page. All the thoughtful things you do for your friends would be cherished by them forever.

7. Go for shopping

If you and your friends love to shop, then the best way to celebrate the day is to go shopping. Visit your favorite mall or store and splurge on things you like. Gift your friends something they love.

Cherish your friendship and the memories of Friendship Day. Friends are the true gift of life. The world would be a dreary place without the company of friends. Go ahead and have all the fun with your best friends!

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