6 Health Benefits of Tofu

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A major component of Southeast Asian and East Asian cuisines, Tofu is known to have many health benefits. It is also known as bean curd and it is made by coagulating soy milk. By pressing the resulting curds into blocks, you can get soft, firm, or silken tofu. We give you some of its major health benefits.

1. Aids in weight control

If you are looking for a diet that helps you control weight, then you must include tofu in it. It aids in lowering bad cholesterol while providing the body with energy and essential nutrients. Not only that, it protects your blood vessels against the harmful effects of cholesterol by reducing the oxidization rate of LDL-cholesterol.

2. Good for women undergoing menopause

Thanks to its wonderful properties, Tofu helps you get relief from the symptoms of menopause. Soy has isoflavones which can mimic estrogen and thus it is helpful during the pre-menopausal stage where the body tends to have an estrogen imbalance. Isoflavones can also help you get relief from hot flashes that women suffer during menopause. Also, thanks to the high calcium content, tofu aids in minimizing the risk of bone-loss risk that can occur during menopause.

3. Lowers cancer risk

Tofu is known to have soy isoflavones that help in reducing the risk of cancers like prostate and breast cancer. Furthermore, the selenium present in tofu is a mineral that ensures the ideal functioning of the antioxidant system and protect you from colon cancer.

4. Good for your skin

By preserving the elasticity of the skin, tofu helps in delaying the aging process. It also helps you in toning your muscles. Thanks to its mineral, vitamin, and protein content, tofu can prove to be a great agent for skin nourishment. Your skin can also benefit from a mask of tofu which can be made by turning tofu into a paste and apply it on your face.

5. Makes your blood healthy

Since tofu is rich in iron and copper content, it helps in making your blood healthy. Iron forms a main part of hemoglobin which helps in the production of energy and release of oxygen in the body. However, hemoglobin cannot be created without copper and since tofu is rich in both iron and copper, it can help in the ideal distribution of oxygen in the body and keep you energetic.

6. Aids in healthy hair growth

Keratin is a type of protein that is one of the main components of your hair. Since tofu is extremely rich in protein, it helps in the healthy growth of your hair. You need not spend a fortune on a number of hair products to ensure its proper growth and maintenance.

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