Juicy cherry recipes for summer

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Juicy cherry recipes for summer

Deep red sweet cherries are out in abundance this year, so go and pick a heap and make some delicious treats.

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    Cherry and valpolicella granita

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    Cherry and almond pilaf

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    Classic cherry clafoutis

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    Black forest gâteau

I live right next to Victoria Park in east London. It’s a fabulous park, the second biggest in London and worth visiting for the wonderful café, Pavilion, alone. There is a lake, brilliant playgrounds and beautiful trees, but at the moment the main attraction for me, and indeed my son Sam, who is now three, are the huge cherry trees which this year are more heavily laden with their small, slightly sour but absolutely delicious fruit than ever before.

Sam sits on my head and grabs cherries by the handful, with more ending up in our mouths and dribbling down our chins than in the Tupperware container on the ground.

It seems that a long, cold winter followed by a few weeks of glorious sunshine is exactly what cherry trees like, and the word from the growers elsewhere in this country – confirmed by my fellow park-goers – is that this year they taste better than ever.

A word of warning, though: when you are cooking with wild, foraged, scrumped or nicked cherries, make sure you taste as you go along. You’ll have to be a little flexible when it comes to sugar quantities as they can be quite tart.

In general, the rule with cherries is keep it simple. They are precious, and rarely better than when eaten on their own or left to macerate in a chilled glass of valpolicella. This year, however, they are with us in such abundance it’s worth playing around with them and having some fun.

These recipes use the wonderful – but costly – fruit in quantities that would give ready-meal manufacturers sleepless nights. But they are worth every penny, or if, like me, you pick your cherries in the park, worth every minute.

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