5 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Business Page

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With over 900 million users, Facebook is as good as a mini world out there, and definitely one of the best places for you to market your business. Facebook’s own statistics say that people spend over 700 billion minutes on this platform, and that alone should give you an idea of the audience that you could reach from here. Every medium has a specific manner of advertisement; you would not design your television commercial like that of a radio. Similarly, it is important to understand the best possible way to get the most for your business out of this popular social networking website. We give you some tips to achieve this.

1. Have an objective

Do not create a Facebook page because everyone does so. Have a specific reason for building your page. Some may use it as a customer care service, while others use it to inform their fans regarding new products and services. Define your marketing goals and then create a corresponding strategy to work towards it.

2. Keep the page alive

It is often seen that many business companies open their Facebook page and then forget all about it. Or maybe they keep it extremely active for a couple of weeks and then it gradually dies down. Do not let that happen with your business. Posting regularly is not only essential for customer retention, but also for bringing in new customers.

3. Use Facebook ads

Paid advertisement on Facebook is extremely customizable and you can target the exact group of audience that you want to reach. You can rest assured that if you create your ad wisely enough, you will not be wasting a single penny. People will actually see your page for the money that you pay.

4. Encourage customer value

Your customer should know that you care. Be it in the form of organization competitions and contests through your page, or responding as quickly as possible to comments and queries, always have reasons for your fans to visit and re-visit your page. Remember that the more activity that happens on your page, the more number of people are going to come across it.

5. Utilize Facebook Insights

Facebook pages provide excellent insights regarding your audience. It shows exactly which people are mostly engaged to what type of content, and a lot more. Use it to your maximum advantage. This can help determine your audience as well as the content for your Facebook page.

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