7 Steps to Apply Mascara

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Mascara makes the eyes look stunning and sexy. If applied correctly, mascara makes the eyes look bigger. Mascara is a must for women who have thin eyelashes. Listed below are some steps to apply mascara, read on.

1. Find the right type

It is important to find the right type of mascara for eyes. While buying mascara, always look for the color and feel. Black colored mascara can compliment any eyelashes. Mascara can also define the eyes if chosen with the volume feature. Mascara is also available for length.

2. Choosing the right type

Choose mascara with a volume for thin eyelashes. Volume mascara will make the eyes look super sexy and attractive. Choose waterproof mascara for the whole day. Waterproof mascara is for women who tend to wear mascara all the time. For normal skin complexion, black mascara is perfect. For fair skin complexion, brown mascara may do the trick.

3. Open it in the right way

Many women tend to pump the mascara in and out of the bottle. This creates air pressure in the bottle; as a result the mascara gets dry. This then affects the application on eyes. While opening the bottle, press the brush in a circular motion gently, so that the brush gets the desired amount. While removing the wand from the bottle, dust off the excess amount, or else it will leak.

4. Start with bottom

Always apply the mascara from the bottom side on the eyelashes. Women, who apply from the top side, often face the problem of tiny dots that appear on the lashes after the application. Starting with bottom would give a smooth finish to the application. Wiggle the brush gently from bottom to top for a perfect coat.

5. A perfect coat

Do not apply a single coat! For a perfect application, it is must to apply two to three coats. Two to three coats can make the eyelashes look thicker. Apply the wand in the same direction of the eyelashes. Apply the first coat, wait for a minute, then apply the second coat for perfect results.

6. Apply a liner

For making the eyes look stunning, apply a black liner on the top. A black liner will compliment the mascara on the eyes. Some women also apply concealer to hide the spots around the eyes. Application of concealer is optional. It depends on individual liking.

7. Use of eyelash curler

Women also use a curler before the application of mascara. This is again a personal choice. Curler can help to curl the lashes to a good extent.

The look of the eyes can completely change on application of mascara, do remember the above steps.

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