6 Ways to Stop Obsessing About Your Weight

Date:22-08-2013 05:40:06 read:3

It is common to see women being obsessed about their weight issues. Whether you want to lose weight to become healthy or you want to shed a few pounds to fit into your old swimsuit, here are few ways in which you can stop obsessing about losing weight.

1. Stop tracking your weight every day

When you start checking your weighing scales every single day or you look at your waistline in the mirror for hours together, it is a sign that you have started obsessing about your weight. The easiest way to cut this obsession from its root is to stop looking at the scales day in and day out. Limit your weight checking ritual to once in week or a fortnight. This will help you to avoid thinking about your weight all the time.

2. See pictures of yourself when you were really obese

If you have already lost a few pounds after beginning your workout regimen, you can use it as a way to stop obsessing about further weight loss. Take a picture of yourself right now and compare it to your picture taken a few months back. Reassure yourself that you have already come a long way in the journey of losing weight. This may help you to reduce anxiety about how much more weight you will be able to lose.

3. Re-evaluate your standards of ideal weight

Get to the root of the problem and trace the origins of your weight obsession. Are you comparing yourself with a celebrity who has an hourglass figure? If this is the case, then your benchmark is incorrect in the first place. You cannot obsess about weight by setting unachievable and unreasonable goals.

4. Ask everyone to ignore you when you initiate a weight related conversation

You can get your friends and family to help you to stop obsessing about your weight. Tell them to stop talking with you the minute you start talking about your weight. This will immediately make you realize that you have begun obsessing about your weight again and it is time to stop. When this happens a couple of times, your urge of talking about weight related issues may naturally decrease.

5. Observe the impact of your obsession on the people around you

One of the things that can deter you from obsessing about your weight is the negative impact it has on people around you. Women who are obsessed about their weight tend to bore other people by continuously talking about it. Such women are also known to start commenting about other people’s weight. This can have a negative impact on your relationship with your friends and members of the family. Thinking about this negative impact may help you to stop obsessing about your weight.

6. Stop counting your calories with every bite you take

Women who are obsessed about their weight tend to count their calories with every single morsel they consume. This can make your weight obsession an addiction in which you cannot stop yourself from accessing your calories count app and checking how much fat you must have eaten. To make yourself understand that weight loss is not just about losing calories but staying fit, remove access to any such tools that help you to count calories of each and every meal that you eat.

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