6 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Date:26-08-2013 11:40:04 read:8

Traveling? Why not Hong Kong? Hong Kong is definitely not the first place to visit on every traveler’s to see list. But the city offers enough and more reasons on why it should be. It is a highly cosmopolitan city which offers everything one can ask for. From shopping malls, banks, pubs, nightclubs to eateries serving food from the world over, a traveler is spoilt for choice when in Hong Kong. English is widely spoken and there is less chance of getting lost in the city. The sheer variety that the city has to offer does not leave one bored no matter what the duration of the stay is.

1. It begins with the airport

The huge international airport is passenger friendly having kiosks with airport personnel who are more than willing to help you with whatever questions you might have. The free wifi and the numerous designer shops are sure to keep you entertained.

2. Hong Kong is well connected

Hong Kong being an important center of commerce, it is well connected to the rest of the world, with major airlines flying in and out of the city.

3. The public transport

It is very passenger friendly, is mostly on time and connects one to almost all parts of the city. It is so good that you won’t feel that you are in the city for the first time.

4. English is widely spoken

Since it was under the British for a long time, English is widely spoken and understood making it that much easier to get around.

5. The consulates

No matter which country you are from, you are bound to find your consulate there. If you can’t find yours, it’s a safe bet to say that your neighboring country’s consulate will be close by.

6. Shoppers heaven

From high end boutiques to street shopping, Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. You can find everything from luxury clothes to traditional Chinese medicine in the streets of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is truly a unique city. Thoroughly modern, yet retaining some of its traditional charm, it is an awesome travel destination worth taking time to visit even if you are on transit and have only a few hours to spare.

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