7 Tips on How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Need Some Space

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Let’s face it, life is not always rosy with your boyfriend around every time. Shopping or some girl time or some other occasion may not really warrant his presence but if he prefers to tag along all the time, there are some things you can do to tell your boyfriend you need some space. Yes, you love him and do not want to hurt him but this is how you can do it right.

1. Do not wait to explode

Women generally make the mistake of letting things sit for too long, lose patience and finally explode on the subject. The next mistake is to keep referring to it during every other argument thereafter. Instead, do not wait for patience to snap; talk to him about it gently. Moreover, when you do it in the beginning, you are less likely to use harsh words or inappropriate tone with your boyfriend.

2. Work on an alone time schedule

Just as you need your private space, so does your boyfriend. So, during the initial months of your relationship, work on an ‘alone time’ schedule and make sure you don’t encroach into each other’s space unless there is a need or request. But, make sure that personal spaces do not extend beyond the reasonable else the need for each other will begin to grow minimal.

3. Talk in private

If you want to talk to your boyfriend about something as fragile as this, make sure you do it in private or when you two are the only ones around.

4. Phrase it right

Use the right tone and appropriate words when you intend to communicate your message. Put yourself in his shoes and figure out how you would have responded had you been in his position. After all, this has emerged from love and hence should be set right in the most pleasant manner.

5. Do not use the words “I need my space”

It neither sounds right nor is easily understandable by a man. So, if you want to go for lunch with your coworkers or girl friends, do not say “I need my space”. Instead you could say that you need the afternoon to yourself since you are going out for lunch.

6. Speak the truth

Despite the situation, make sure you speak only the truth to your boyfriend. Only then, there is transparency in the relationship. Only then can you expect the same from him. However, the truth is, your character will never take a beating when you are just and honest.

7. Don’t get carried away with alone time

Make sure you don’t get too carried away with alone time. If you consider your relationship seriously and want to take it several steps higher, then you must give time to it. While some amount of alone time is healthy, too much indulgence can make it detrimental to the relationship.

There are gentle and mature ways in telling your boyfriend you need some space if you really need it. But the line between gentle and annoying is sometimes blur. If you love your boyfriend, make sure you figure out the difference before you communicate.

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