5 Tips to be Free Around Your Boyfriend

Date:31-08-2013 14:40:08 read:7

Knowing that you love someone is acknowledging how much you like being with him and how he makes you feel when you are around him. Sometimes when you are in a new relationship, you don’t know how to conduct yourself so as to behave freely with your partner. This also includes making him feel comfortable with you. Here are 5 tips to be free around your boyfriend.

1. Speak your mindh

In a budding relationship, you try to please your boyfriend with different ways. Yet, there are a few things which you are still not ready to share with him. But in order to be free with him, you need to be open about sharing ideas, opinions and beliefs. Being honest will build stronger communication and will help you accept opposing views.

2. Be comfortable with your makeup and hair do

A boyfriend who truly loves you should be able to accept you even during your bad hair days. When you meet at each other’s place, slip in to something comfortable; take off your makeup and adornments as though you’re at home. This will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

3. Don’t be afraid to express emotions on dates

When going for movies and plays, you should be able to express your feelings. If you want to laugh your gut out, don’t hesitate. Lean on his shoulder and cry while watching a rather moving flick. Expressing emotions is necessary if you want to be free around him.

4. Compliment him

To know that his girl is totally into him is exciting and rewarding for any boyfriend. Shower him with compliments on his actions, etiquette or even on his attire.

5. Initiate physical intimacy

If you feel like stroking him, kissing or snuggling by the fireplace, don’t wait for a sign. He might be waiting for you. Sexual tension can be disconcerting for both parties. Being intimate with him will gradually ease you into the relationship and make you feel more free and comfortable.

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