6 Tips for a Stress-Free Life

Date:01-09-2013 08:20:04 read:5

Life would be so much better if we would not stress ourselves so much, if we could stop worrying and trying to change the things that we cannot. Stress literally kills. We hear of people taking their own lives or just collapsing and dying due to sheer stress. Stress causes not only mental trauma, but leads to many physical ailments. All of us crave for a stress-free life and we can start small, by doing a few things every day to relive ourselves of stress and tension.

1. Meditate

A few minutes or an hour every day in the morning just to meditate or sit quietly in a corner and reflect can do wonders. You are calmer and better prepared to face the day.

2. Not everyone is out to get you

The guy who constantly honked and then cut you is not after you specifically. He might have forgotten about you at the next red light. So are all the other people who are mean to you for no reason. It is not worth getting stressed over them.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

The bills. A leaky faucet. Lost keys. Mismatched socks. These things need to be sorted out, but take things one at a time. Take a calm approach. Your stress won’t get the plumber on time nor make your socks pair up magically.

4. There is more to life than a career

If you think you are consumed by work and it causes you a lot of stress, then quit. It isn’t everything. You can always find something to do that would make you happy and less stressful.

5. Take a break once in a while

A couple of days in a month or a few weeks every year take time off. Go on a trip with your friends or loved ones. DO not think about work or problems at home. Relax.

6. You needn’t have it all

Not everyone has it all. The truth to a happy contented life is to be glad with what we have, and not stress out about what we don’t have.

We have but one life. A short one at that. Lets make it stress-free and happy.

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