6 Ways to Tell Your Family You’re Pregnant

Date:01-09-2013 09:40:05 read:11

Shout it from the rooftops. Theatrics aside, it is joyous news and you would be naturally dying to share the news with your husband, your parents, siblings and your kids if you have any. There are some pretty normal ways to inform them and some pretty fun ways to go about it. Everything said, it is a momentous moment in your life to find out that you are pregnant and it needs to be shared as it is always good to have people around this time of your life. Here are some ways to tell your family you’re pregnant.

1. Call them and tell them

Start the conversation pretty normally, like you would do on any other day and just break it to them. You would forever cherish the thrill you hear in their voices.

2. Surprise your husband

Put a little baby toy in between you and your husband when you go to bed. The confusion and the eventual realization would be a treat to watch for.

3. Throw a party

Share the news with everyone at the same time. Invite your family and his, so no one feels left out.

4. Involve your other kids

A new kid in the family can bring feelings of insecurity and jealousy to the other kids. So cook up some fun way to tell then and make them feel involved right from the start.

5. Be subtle

You might be over the moon with the news, but there might have been a death in the family, or you might have a sibling who’s been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. In such cases, keep the announcement subtle.

6. Take a picture of your test and text it to your family

It’s only if you are at a loss for words. Pictures speak a thousand words and there’s no way they will miss the message.

Tell your family immediately. Their joy will know no bounds if you have been expecting it for long. It depends on you who you choose to tell first. Make the occasion fun and joyous.

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