8 Tips on How to Give Your Boyfriend Space

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Anyone in a relationship will require space at some point of time, irrespective of how much in love they are. If you are too attached to your boyfriend and he has started to show signs of discomfort or worse still has even expressed it to you, it is time to mend your ways and give him space. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to help you do that.

1. Realize the mistake

First and foremost, understand that your boyfriend has other things and people of interest in his life beyond you. He should be given the space and time to focus on them rather than putting you on priority all the time. The sooner you realize this fact, the better will your relationship be.

2. Give yourself some space

Before meeting your boyfriend, there must have been something that you did with your life. Are you giving that a skip now that you have found someone? If you are, then the best way to give your boyfriend space is by focusing on your hobby or interest that you had before you met the guy.

3. Talk to him with maturity

When you talk to him, stop getting into the whining or self-pity mode. Talk in a real mature manner and do not engage in a really long conversation. Your guy is neither going to have the patience to listen nor would respond properly. So, avoid the blaming game.

4. Give him as much time as he wants

Giving him the time as per your preference is not what is appropriate. Your boyfriend will have his priorities set right and knows what he wants to do and when. So do not force feed him with what he must do.

5. Offer physical space

If you share a place with your boyfriend, he and even you will need some physical space sometime. An exclusive den for your boyfriend to be maintained in the way he prefers will give him the sign that you aren’t a control freak.

6. Be patient

If you want to see the relationship grow, you must be patient and give your boyfriend the time and space he requires. So patience is most certainly the key to a beautiful relationship.

7. Respect your partner’s freedom

Your partner is bound to have his choices and even some idiosyncrasies. But those are his as much as you have your own. If a guy can be himself around you, he will love and respect you a lot more than he already is. He will begin to appreciate spending time with you eventually.

8. Be the girl he fell in love with

When you fall in love with someone, for some beautiful reason, you put your best foot forward. With time, unfortunately some relationships snap because of lack of tolerance. Try to be the girl you were when he first fell in love with you and observe the difference in your relationship.

It is impossible to stay in the loveliest of kisses ever. You have to step back for air. Similarly, even the most beautiful of relationships must be given time and space for it to survive.

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