7 Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

Date:02-09-2013 05:40:06 read:5

It is difficult to maintain health through boring exercises. Now, you don’t need to stick to those unexciting treadmills, as there are fun ways to stay in shape. Learn these simple steps and be the one who others want to chase.

1. Follow the dance moves through fitness DVDs

Forget the monotonous exercises and switch to the happening new trends emerged in the world of fitness. Buy DVDs that use dance as a fitness tool. This is the best way to tone your body as dancing will make you happy from inside and will lead to a perfect figure as well.

2. Rope skipping with friends

Ask your fitness freak friends to join you in rope skipping. Collectively doing a workout with friends makes it fun. Rope skipping also stimulates acupressure points.

3. Play outdoor games

If you like sports then this is exclusively for you. Make it a habit of playing outdoor games like football, basketball, tennis or any other you like. It will help you brush your skills and furthermore will give you your dream figure.

4. Shake your body while doing household work

If you avoid doing household work then start doing it now as it’s going to be interesting. Play your favorite song and continue with your dusting and cleaning. Make sure to move around and shake that body. It will help you cut the extra fat to some extent. This way you will accomplish two things at once.

5. Play with your child

If you are a mother than play with your child. This implementation will help you in large way as little kiddies make moms do lot of physical exercises. So if you play hide and seek or any other chasing games, your exercise for the day will be done.

6. Join poledancing class

Poledancing is a fun way to stay in shape. You can not just increase your strength and resilience, you will also lose weight. If poledancing isn’t for you, then try some Latin ballroom dances like salsa, samba or rumba.

7. Accompany your parents/friends on their morning walk

If you are able get up in the morning then you can accompany your parents or your friends on their morning walk. This way they will also feel happy and the fitness dose for the day will also be carried out.

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