5 Tips to Deal With a Boss Who Underappreciates You

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We all like appreciation and specially us girls. Getting appreciated builds confidence and gives us a sense of pride. It gives usthe courage to go on and take up challenges. Like everything else appreciation does not come easily and more so in the corporate world. All bosses have their own style to encourage and appreciate. Some may and some may not. If you feel you do not get the credit and worthy acknowledgement and appreciation, here is what you can do.

1. Find out what your boss likes

Different bosses have different ways. It is not necessary that if your ex-boss appreciated you for showing up to office on time even the new one will. Observe your boss’ behavior over a certain period of time notice, what he/she likes and appreciates and conduct yourself in accordance with that. Appreciation is likely to follow.

2. Consider the time and priority factor

A boss being boss has a million things going through his head. Over a period his thinking and priorities change to encompass the future of the organization. Due to that, your current role and work may not be his prime focus and hence no praise. Be patient for a while and things may change.

3. Don’t think you are the target

Just because a boss does not appreciate you does not mean it has something to do with your work quality. Talk and question the boss in the manner beneficial to him. For instance ask him if your plan or idea helped achieve the result. Focusing on the boss’ perspective will give you the desired appreciation and also won’t look like you are complaining.

4. Consider it as a temporary thing and work on

If the boss appreciated you for a certain thing and has suddenly stopped, it could well be because he is preoccupied with other pressing issues. If you know you are doing you work well just carry on in the same fashion and old days will return.

5. Value yourself

If you have tried all the above and all go against you, it’s time to look for another job. Ultimately you are working to earn some bucks and if a boss cannot appreciate you in spite of the good work he is very less likely to promote you. Also if the negativity by the boss is directed only towards you, the place is not worth working for.

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